High Speed Pipe End Beveling Machine(Top and Bottom Asynchronous Clamping)

Model: EPEBM-24Da/32Da/40Da/48Da/60Da

Pipe Diameter Applicable: DN600/DN800/DN1000/DN1200/DN1500



Performance Features:Bevel shape: V,double V and U; applicable for the radial or axial beveling of STD wallthickness pipes and radial beveling of heavy wall thickness pipes;asynchronously clamping with the bottom screw lifter and top hydraulic cylinder; radial differential cutting feed andmotorized retract or axial motor cutting feed/ retract; standard numerical controllblades without coolant

Master of end beveling

Classical design

Guaranteed welding quality

Top and bottom asynchronous clamping

Hard alloy blade, no water cooling required


MAX. DN1500

Max. 180mm