Pipe Fabrication Production Line in Fixed Type Workshop

Model: FPFPL-16Aa/24Aa/32Aa/40Aa/48Aa

Pipe Diameter Applicable: DN400/DN600/DN800/DN1000/DN1200



Performance features: Utilized the fixed type workshop; Using PDSOFT Pipe fabrication Detail Design Software for designing spool pieces; usingPDSOFT Pipe Fabrication Process Management Software for elaborate management with high efficiency; using CNC cutting & beveling equipment for high quality mechanical bevel; using fitting-up machine for fast spool piecesfit-up; using various types automatic welding machines for high-efficiency high-quality MIG root weldingwith QSPT's technology; using SAW for high efficiency fill in and cap welding; equipped with adequate numbers of conveying systems capable of longitudinal/lateral conveying to ensure safe and reliable ground conveying.

Classical product

Working around the clock

Smooth conveying, efficient operation

High output, high quality

High degree of safety

Commercialized pre-fabrication