Pipe Automatic Welding Machine for Short Spool

Model: SSAWM-16Aa/24Aa/32Aa/16Ba/24Ba/32Ba

Pipe Diameter Applicable: DN400/DN600/DN800



Performance Features: Suitable for short pipe spool with multi-pass weld; able to do multi-pass weld continuously;equipped with: one fixed type welding positioner with the ordinary or heavy duty chuck; one telescopic boom for welding installed on it; one multi-functional fitting-up head;standard configuration: Lincoln Flextech500 or Flextech650 multi-function welding power; TIG/MIG root welding with QSPT's root welding technology; TIG/MIG/SAW fill-in and cap welding; operation through a streamline welding control cabinet + an aluminum alloy wire control box.

Innovative telescopic boom Integrated design

Short spool welding expert (dedicated machine)

Cost, concern and effort saving

Chuck drive, chuck clamped, telescopic boom welding

Regular or heavy duty chuck, super torque: 13200N.m

Pipe centering, self-adaption

One-time clamping, multi-pass welding

Standard configuration: Lincoln Flextech500 or Flextech650


Max. DN800

Max. 30mm or 60mm

Max. 400 or 550DI/D(MIG+ SAW)

Max. equivalent to 8 or 11 welders