Pipe Fabrication Automatic Welding Machine (Heavy Duty Type)

Model: PFAWM-24Ae/32Ae/48Ae/64Ae

Pipe Diameter Applicable: DN600/DN800/DN1200/DN1600



Performance Features: The most sturdy model for welding heavy wall thickness pipes; suitable for large batch of heavy wall thickness pipe fabrication; twosets of polyurethane coated driving wheels(two pcs per set, totally four pcs); driven by motor and reducer; twosets of polyurethane coated hold-down wheels(two pcs per set, totally four pcs); held-down by embedded screw rod mechanism; built-in drivingwheel and exposed driving system;fast positioning weld with longitudinal telescope boom;standard configuration: Lincoln Flextech650 multi-function welding power; TIG/MIG root welding with QSPT's root welding technology; TIG/MIG/SAW fill-in and cap welding;operation with a streamline welding control cabinet + an aluminum alloy wire control box.

20 years experiences, classical machine model with new elements implemented

Pipe automatic welding expert (dedicated machine)

Rotator drive, rotator press down, telescopic boom welding

Super torque: 13200N.m

Standard configuration: Lincoln Flextech650


Max. DN1600

Max. 60mm

Max. 400DI/D(MIG+ SAW)

Max. equivalent to 8 welders

High cost effectiveness